Installing CoffeeScript 1.1.2 on Ubuntu Natty #w2e

Current version of Node.JS avaialble in official repositories is too old to support Node Package Manager (NPM). Internets say that at least Node.JS 0.4 is required. Besides, NPM is officially available for Oneiric only. And although the release is going to happen soon, here is a quick how-to for those willing to install all the stuff on Natty, now.

This PPA has everything needed:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mdz/locker
$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install npm

Now we are ready to install CoffeeScript compiler and command-line utility. The latter is the Node.JS module, and the compiler itself does not depend on Node.JS, at least that's what they state. There is an option to install the utility globally so that it is accessible as `$ coffee` (check the CoffeeScript site for instructions), but I prefer keeping it as a local module in my home folder:

$ npm install coffee-script

$ ~/node_modules/.bin/coffee -v
CoffeeScript version 1.1.2

All done.

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