Political Map: Google Edition

Found a strange bug in Google Chart API, namely in the way republics of former Yugoslavia are displayed on map charts.

Take a simple example, say, three Baltic states (EE-LV-LT):


And check out the Balkans (AL-BA-HR-ME-MK-RS-SI):


I got 5 instead of 7. Both Serbia (RS) and Montenegro (ME) are not marked by some unknown reason, ignoring the fact that both countries are listed in ISO country code table. On the map Google Charts is producing there's also no border between Serbia and Montenegro.

Not good, Google. Or else, I may be doing something in the wrong way.

Update 1 2010-03-01:

Problem was first reported at 2008-04-15 (or earlier) and probably exists since 2006-09-26 when ISO had assigned new country codes for Serbia and Montenegro. 'CS' was used before, so this link works:


However, it shouldn't starting from 2006-06-05 when Serbia and Montenegro became two different countries.

Well, dear Google, that's a piece of nearly-four-year-long fail. Even one well-known Redmond company is fixing their bugs faster. Sometimes. If I were some map-handling application developer, I would read related ISO press-releases every day, not once a decade. The world is changing fast, you know.

Update 2 2010-03-01:

Here is the link to check all the countries listed in ISO table: click. If some country is marked with red, then country code is not handled correctly by Google Chart API. Current result is:

Inspired by this discussion. Consider the last image as an unofficial plugin to Google Apps Status Dashboard from now (:

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