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Some days ago I thought I will die in tortures during this week.

University is the place where you do strange and abnormal things. Like labs, exams, tests, all together. I had 8 during 4 days. In average, 2 / day. Of course, every single activity required some preparation. No beer, no work. 4 long days studies totally dominated over all pleasant things. It is over now and is time to sum up and share the experience.

Number one. You do not have to study every single day during semester to get things clear. One or two days per week is sufficient if you are ready to some extreme activities in the end.

Number two. Extreme conditions are best for understanding how stuff works. Say, one year spent in auditorium listening tales about system theory and automation control systems is nothing against 'Task - MATLAB - 72 hours - Do it!' approach. Thank you, Mr Rüstern, that was really cool.

Number three. Human being can spend 2 nights without sleeping, especially when it comes to Visual Basic. But that experience is from one of the previous sessions. What is more important, one can afford sleeping 6 hours a day even during exam session if he learns on his own mistakes and avoids Visual Basic as much as possible. Or she.

Number four. I am happy to have the job I like. I was really missing it during those 4 days. Can you say the same about yours?

So, 2 exams to go. But that is in January, when real session actually starts.

Oh, number five. I write to much technical shit in my blog.

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